Fitness 03/05/17

Hello World 🌎, 

I’ve always struggled with my weight and today is my first day of real healthy eating, because truthfully speaking since the start of my 3rd year of university I’ve had my share of ” healthy eating ” that probably lasted as long as a day or two at most…. But today even as I struggle to revise for my examinations I believe it’s time I showed myself some love ❤️ and I don’t mean “retail therapy ” (my weakness) I mean utilising my gym membership and eating food that won’t make me bloated 24/7. 

If anyone has tips on healthy eating or exercise tips please feel free to share😊


24 Hours 

We are living in a world that forgets that waking up is a present and staying alive for 24 hours is a luxury given by God. We don’t have the luxury to use 24 hours to belittle ourselves because of insecurities or merely what other ‘human beings’ think. Make your 24 hours worth it. 


As I sit at the table with what I perceive as the celebration to my healthy week, I think about all the hard work in the gym and how much I deserve a cheat day…I forget the main reason why I started, so engrossed in the feeling of achievement that I forget to remember how it felt in the beginning. I go to bed with a full tummy, overjoyed by how tasteful the food was., I sleep like a baby.

The next morning…. is far from waking up like a queen, my celebration has turned against me. I slept above the clouds, now am six feet under,  the oil that tasted so good the day before, is clinging on to my body almost multiplying into fat I can’t seem to burn. Am now six feet under from where I first started. Most people talk about starting from square one, I feel like am far to the left of the number line, I didn’t wake up at one but at -100. 

Am back to feeling shameful, blaming my thighs for emerging with my hips so thick am scared to date a slim guy. As I look at the mirror I begin to point out the many aspects of my body that need changing without appreciating that God made me in his own image, like yesterday wasn’t my lemonade Beyonce day. 

My body has been called multiple things, from thick, fat, chubby and beautiful but our human brains are formulated to remember the bad things more than the good.

Only this time am able to recognise the beauty in my wide hips, thighs and cheeks (all 4), self-love is amazing, but doesn’t mean that once in a while you won’t look at your body and analyse it. For me it’s the absence of hate for one’s body by not allowing the perception of the worlds to influence it., the world creates trends but people forget that trends come to an end, don’t kill yourself to achieve a short-lived trend.


Hello world, am Nonde, a third-year university student in Northamptonshire who loves writing but mostly keeps it in multiple diaries, am taking this as my big moment to speak my mind and learn a lot about articulating thoughts into amazing projects. Am originally from Zambia but living in the UK, so you should expect a combination of both cultures in my blogs and please feel free throw ideas at me or tell me about your experiences of having a blog.